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20 North Street, Plymouth MA

Dr. Whitfield has been in practice in the Plymouth and Raynham areas for over 38 years.

Dr. Whitfield uses an advanced and unique form of Trigger Point Therapy known as The Nimmo Technique, along with the Activator Method to correct and restore the proper function and balance of the muscles and joints of the body.

Stated simply, "Muscles move bones". If a bone is not moving properly and if it is not broken or malformed then most probably it is the muscle that moves that bone which is "in trouble". Dr. Whitfield's effective treatment is based on the physiological fact that the proper health, alignment, movement and function of every joint in the body is primarily controlled by normal muscle contraction.

When trigger points form in a muscle, the trigger point causes the muscle to tighten and pull incorrectly on the joint. The subtle constant pulling eventually causes the joint to become misaligned, to lose its normal range of motion and become painful. In essence the joint is caught in a muscular "tug of war". Locating and treating the trigger points restores normal function to the muscle, thereby restoring normal function to the joint and effectively removing the cause of the pain.

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Please note: The Raynham office was permanently
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Dr. Brian T. Whitfield, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Whitfield graduated with honors from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1981.

He is listed in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1981-1982.

He was awarded the Student of the Year by the Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation in 1981.

He studied the Nimmo Technique personally with Dr. Raymond Nimmo, and is one of four certified Nimmo instructors.